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3 Oaks Academy provides a unique cross-curricular approach in a high school setting. The Language Arts/Critical Thinking block serves as a foundation for all subject areas. Students participate in numerous content-based pre-assessments and from the information gleaned, the educators create a customized curriculum. By implementing an integrated instruction approach, skills and strategies being taught during the language arts/critical thinking block are transferred across all content areas. Learning is accelerated by combining content in a rich, rigorous, and relevant flow of knowledge and skills, meeting the needs for students of today and tomorrow.


Using an integrated cross curricular approach, students are exposed to a variety of genres and learn how to interact with text while strategically applying a variety of comprehension strategies to make sense of text on explicit and implicit levels.


The Math Program approach allows students to learn math their way with one-on-one and small group support from the facilitator. Students explore various avenues of problem solving without always following a stringent algorithmic approach.


Learning science is an action that goes beyond reading a textbook; therefore, students approach science in an interactive and hands-on laboratory setting which solidifies an understanding of concepts while developing a desire to discover more.


History comes to life as the students delve into historical perspectives and interact with the concepts of the time period. Students use a thematic approach to fully develop a deeper understanding of history by viewing time periods through multiple perspectives while also tying history to present day.

Current Events

Students keep up to date on current events by interacting with news articles using a cross curricular approach. Through activities students strengthen their knowledge of events happening within the global community today, in the future, as well as making connections to the past


Students learn to become great writers as they develop their writing skills and learn to lead a writerly life through the development of frequent and effective writing. Student writing assignments will be genre specific, as well as cross curricular to create versatile writers.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a valuable skill for students to understand and apply seamlessly. In today’s world, there are increasing demands for flexible intellectual skills, as well as the ability to analyze and synthesis information. The ability to think creatively and critically will be intertwined across all activities.


Students learn to utilize technology effectively by interacting with various program in an effort to become masters of technology. Through cross curricular projects students learn to skillfully incorporate technology from basic research to publication and presentation.

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