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MS Comprehensive Science, Biology I, Chemistry

3 Oaks Academy believes that Science is learned best through doing. Our science courses are lab-based courses, which allow our scientists to develop a strong sense of scientific application. Our science labs are designed to provide a rigorous, comprehensive laboratory approach where the students will participate in over 30 lab sessions. The experiment-based lab course is supported by readings from Science News for Students, CK12 and/or Big History Project. Each unit is bookended by a pretest and a posttest which every student completes to see the growth in their learning.  

The science courses that our students will utilize has been tailored to fit their individual learning styles and needs. While working in the lab-based environment, students have the opportunity to dig deeper into concepts that they are already familiar with as well as chose a particular style that matches their individual learning modality while they are doing course work that is related to the laboratory setting. Students are able to choose between reading about the scientific concept, watching videos, or interacting through a game style setting. Offering the choice to our scientists allows them to take charge of their learning and become more invested in their individual scientific progress. 


At the beginning of the year, students will review the main parts of a microscope and how to apply that knowledge while using the three different types of microscopes that are used here at 3 Oaks Academy. Students will also review lab safety procedures and will be expected to follow these procedures as they move through their science course. Class members will also learn how to record scientific observations and write comprehensive lab reports in preparation of the style of observational notes and lab reports that will be required at the university level. 

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