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Current Events

While students are learning about the history of the world, they are also learning about events that are taking place right now. Our students read monthly issues of The New York Times - Upfront magazine by Scholastic and connections are made between events that took place in the past and what is currently happening in the present. Each week class members prepare for class by interacting with the text and then participate in a variety of classroom activities to broaden their knowledge base on the topic being explored. 


The articles are based on the following themes: 

  • Culture 

  • Time, Continuity and Change 

  • People, Place and Environments 

  • Individual Development and Identity 

  • Individuals, Groups and Institutions 

  • Power, Authority and Governance 

  • Production, Distribution and Consumption 

  • Science, Technology and Society 

  • Global Connections

  • Civic Ideals and Practices 

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