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3 Oaks Academy's goal is to cultivate the potential in every student to thrive as a global citizen by inspiring a love of learning and civic engagement, by challenging and supporting every student to achieve their ultimate academic success. 

Every student should be able to learn at their own pace. At 3 Oaks Academy, we are committed to allowing our students to learn on their terms which allows for a stronger academic foundation that encourages our students to develop a true love of learning. 

Integrated Curriculum

Intertwining core curriculum into cross- curricular components, providing our students with a sense of instruction as a whole unit while making connections and developing skills that allow our students to reach their fullest potential.

Our Mission

The mission of 3 Oaks Academy is to empower students to flourish in their educational goals through impactful learning strategies that are developed and implemented in refined universes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to  create an inquiry based  student centered academy where students are encouraged to be rigorous critical thinkers while respecting and honoring the student’s individual interests and educational needs.

Student Focus

Working with students strengths, interests and learning modalities to deliver a rich, engaging curriculum focused on personal and academic growth


Mrs. Speck was able to single-handedly convert my children from “math-haters” to “math-greaters”.  Her patience is never-ending.  She has a unique way of understanding the different ways that children learn and employs that knowledge when working through problems with them.  Her love for teaching and math is equaled only by her desire to see her students excel in all of their classes.  Under her tutelage both of my children raised their FSA math grades by 2 levels.  I HIGHLY recommend her as a tutor and still call on her from time-to-time as issues arise.  She is truly one of the best. - Jennifer (Parent) 

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