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High School

Together, the student, parent, and teachers develop an individualized curriculum to meet all the requirements for a high school diploma. Students are encouraged to enroll in the most rigorous curriculum for their specific needs, often an Honors course or through Dual Enrollment. 


High school students continue to engage in collaborative activities, which provide students with various opportunities to give back to the community through service learning. Project Based Learning, collaborative groups, and forming strong positive peer groups, through team building activities, are an essential part of our high school curriculum. Making connections to classroom learning and real life give students a purpose for their education. Service learning projects allow students to make a difference while they hone their problem solving skills, develop connections, and establish a commitment to giving back to our community. Students will develop their plan for service learning and document their service through a portfolio process.  

Dual enrollment is offered to students who qualify. We are proud to be partnered with Florida Southwestern to allow our student to pursue higher education while still completing high school graduation requirements. 


Core Class Information: 


Readers at 3 Oaks Academy will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of genres in order to fully develop the understanding of text element and design. While working with all genres, students will be interacting and responding to their reading by analyzing the text, responding to various story elements and thinking critically how the language of the text has been influenced by history, culture and setting. Readers will spend a balanced year working with fiction and nonfiction selections. While interacting with fiction texts, students will be studying story elements and crafting techniques in short stories, comprehending the writing craft used by poets, and developing a love a literature while reading the classics and award worthy current novels. The history textbook, current events magazine articles and twin texts will be the main sources used during the nonfiction reading units. 





















Mathematicians at 3 Oaks Academy experience mathematics through direct instruction, real-life connections, math journals, mini lessons, and hands-on learning.  Student progress is monitored daily and decisions for mini lesson topics are based on specific classroom needs. Mini lesson topics are posted each week and students are either assigned to or can choose to attend sessions based on their interest and/or needs. One-on-one conferences take place to assist students on their individual needs during their work session as well. Problem of the week questions are posted at the beginning of each week. Based on the different levels, students are to try to solve a challenging mathematical based problem on their own, working on it during the week. For the student’s math journal, an element of math that students worked on that day is often the topic of daily math journals. However, students will also write about their thoughts on math as well as a writing about math in everyday life. This particular activity allows students to write about their mathematical thinking along with making real life connections, which allows the journey of math learning to have a more purposeful meaning. 





















Science is learned best through doing. Our science courses are lab-based courses, which allow our scientists to develop a strong sense of scientific application.

Our science labs are designed to provide a rigorous, comprehensive laboratory approach where the students will participate in over 30 lab sessions. The experiment-based lab course is supported by readings from science magazines, texts, and websites. Each unit is bookended by a pretest and a posttest which every student completes to see the growth in their learning. Students will be expected to follow lab safety procedures as they move through their science course. Class members will also learn how to record scientific observations and write comprehensive lab reports in preparation of the style of observational notes and lab reports that will be required at the university level. 

Social Studies: 

The historians at 3 Oaks Academy are on an historic journey through the world's history using various research materials, both printed and online. textbook. Students will learn to utilize primary and secondary sources when conducting research. Effective note-taking is taught in multiple ways for students to determine which style works best for them. Students are also expected to answer essential questions in detail as they develop their ability to make connections between the text and their prior learning.  To further develop and deepen the content read, students interact with the text while they participate in a variety of hands-on activities, group conversations discussing high-level topics through critical thinking and complete projects while in class. 


Students will participate in units of study providing in-depth instruction on argument, informative, and narrative writing. Through teacher led discussions, students work collaboratively with their peers to examine and analyze multiple model/anchor texts to learn about the structure, elements and crafting techniques for that style of writing. Students independently plan for their writing, gather evidence, practice writing and revising their work. Students participate in mini lessons and teacher conferences to learn supplemental skills and strategies for that genre of writing and to apply during each stage of the writing process. Students engage in peer, teacher and parent reviews to revise and edit their work. Writing conventions are taught based on the needs of each writer. 

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